SEN Information Report

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Jane Miles.  She can be contacted at: or through the school office: 

Our Governor with responsibility for SEN is Scott Barnes.

The SEN Information Report 2024 sets out information about our provision for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).  This report is updated annually.

Our SEN Policy and Equality Scheme and Plan can be found in the Policies section of the website.

How do we identify and give extra help to children and young people with SEN?

The school uses Oxfordshire Guidance for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support, updated September 2020 to support schools to implement the Statutory Guidance set out in 2015.

How do we work with parents and children?

We will always contact parents if we have a concern that a child may have a special educational need. We also encourage parents to contact us if they have a concern.

The Oxfordshire SEND local offer is the support and services for children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities up to the age of 25 and their families. 

Who to contact

If you are concerned about your child, talk first to the class teacher.  If appropriate, s/he will refer the matter to the headteacher or SENCo.  If appropriate, a meeting will be arranged during which your concerns will be noted and a plan made.


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