Our House System

Belonging to a House helps our children to feel part of a smaller community within the larger whole school community. A team in which children of all ages can work together to achieve common goals, promote children’s responsibility and leadership and Shine Like Stars.

One of the main strengths of a House system is giving children of all ages the opportunity to work together, creating a truly cohesive environment and ensuring that age is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration.

To talk about the House system and neglect to mention competition would be remiss. Potentially, it is the competitive element of Houses that many people think of first. The all-important half-termly round up of House Points where the current leader is announced, the selection of mini competitions each term and, of course, Sports Day. Competition is good, it drives our children to improve, improves collegiality and teaches how to fail.

As each child enters the school, they are allocated a House – Cygnus, Phoenix, Pegasus or Draco (named after constellations). House points are earned by going above and beyond for you, this may be different to another child’s above and beyond.

Our House Captains and Vice House Captains are elected democratically at the beginning of the school year. Their duties include supporting younger children, whether that be in the playground or listening to them read. They show courageous advocacy by choosing three charities for the school to support throughout the year. They are the ‘voice’ of their House, bringing the needs and wishes of their House to members of staff. They lead their House at Sports Day and at our ‘Special Weeks’ such as Arts week or Science week.